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About Kathleen Isom Watson


Kathleen is an artist, dance choreographer from the United States. She moved in 2005 with her Australian husband to experience the Australian culture. She says the best thing about living in Australia is the relaxed culture and peaceful landscape.


Shortly after she moved to Australia, her sixteen-year-old son died from an accidental drowning. This tragedy was a turning point in her life. She found comfort being out in nature, the large eucalyptus trees, birds and the peaceful beaches. 


At the advice of a child counsellor, Kathleen bought an art kit to help the youngest of her three daughters express and work through her grief. Much to her surprise, she herself fell in love with the feeling of expression with paint. She signed up for art classes and started meeting with local art groups; she found painting and sketching to be a healing pastime.


Painting and sketching with vitality and movement, using heavy texture & tone to convey her emotion.  Kathleen enjoys working with

oil, acrylic, and charcoal to create her mood provoking artwork. 

Her work has been described as mystical and enchanting.



Art created with vitality 

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